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How to see Instagram activity status



For several reasons, you may be wondering how to see Instagram activity status using iPhone or Android. Your friends have told you that on Instagram you can view the online status, last seen and likes of a user you follow. Incredulous, you decided to investigate the matter by looking on the web, thus arriving on my blog.

In this guide, I will explain how to check Instagram’s online status. I tell you what you need to do to access your friends’ activity log and see their latest interactions, which include likes, comments and new users followed. In addition, I will explain how to look at the last login and activity status in direct messages. This way, you will also be able to know if someone has been online on Instagram or how long, he or she have not been.

In the procedures that follow, I will explain what you need to do to look at other people’s activity logs. This way, you can find out if they are online and when they were active. In addition, you will be able to learn about their latest activities and interactions they have had on the social network. In addition, do not worry – I will not tell you to install spy apps or anything like that. You can do it all using Instagram. To see Instagram activity status related to the actual Activity Log, you must first be a follower of that person or page. If you still were not, search for the user in question and hit the Follow button to become one.

After making sure you are a follower, wait a few days for your Activity Log to populate with that user’s interactions. Depending on your use of Instagram, the waiting time is more or less large, of course. Once you have waited, press the Heart -shaped button, identical to the like button, which appears at the bottom of the application, corresponding to the Notifications option. You will then see the yousection, where your activities are present. Here, now tap the item Follow already, which appears at the top. You will then see the latest activities of those you follow and your friends. Find this person’s name to find out what he has been up to in the last few days. For more information, read the guide where I explain how to see someone likes on Instagram.

If you intend to see Instagram activity by snoopreport related to directchat, you will want to know where the online status and the last login time appear. Well, you can find them by opening Instagram and pressing the button in the shape of a paper airplane, corresponding to Direct. In that section, you will see the list of direct conversations. Here, to look at the last access time and the online message, you must have received at least one direct message from that person or page. Alternatively, that user must follow you.

If you meet at least one of these two requirements and this person is online, you will see “Activenow” under their username, which appears in chat. Instead, if it is not active, you will see the time and date of the last visit. Note that this information may not appear for other reasons as well. For example, the contact in this one may have blocked you or, more simply, it may have turned off its activity status as explained below. After understanding how to see Instagram activity status regarding the Activity Log and Direct chat, you may also want to know how to hide this information. Well, it is not possible to intervene officially for all these data. However, by using a few tricks, the matter can still be resolved.

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