Formatting A College Essay

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College Admission Essays Application is usually required in most of the universities and colleges and is one of the most important skill test that is usually required to get admissions in such colleges or universities. A good essay is important as it show how serious, intent and competent you are to attend that college, before you start your admission essay it is required that it should be focused and should remain focused from start to end till you are writing on it and should not be more then a page or two also their are some universities who give word limits to students also it is necessary to follow the basic grammar and spelling rules to avoid from basic mistake that makes big impact on your admission also once you are done with your essay proofread it as much as you can to make yourself sure that it is error free.

Instructions To Format a College Essay

Create a new Word document with a font size of 12 and margins that are 1 inch with a standard font like «Times New Roman».

Select Double Space from Microsoft Word Options all you need to do is to Click the Edit option and then go to select All menu item, Click on the Format then Paragraph menu item and then in the line spacing list box select double and then click Okay, Double Space means leaving two lines after every line you write.

Write essay as a first person and not as the second person as essay is about your experiences and background.

When you are writing College Admission Essay use the MLA Style in your paper.

Keep your essay personal and talk about yourself that who are you what are your plans what do you want to do and how education is going to help you in future.

Use proper grammar, A essay with grammar mistakes won’t let you get your admission so it is better to proofread it as much as you can.

Avoid spelling mistakes because it is as important as grammar is when you are writing your college admission essay.